Everything You Need To Know About Augmented Reality

When it comes to making things that are too wild, kinky or taboo go mainstream, pornography leads the way. The adult industry is a trailblazer in kick-starting trends and bringing them to the public. Not only that, but making them more acceptable. Many experts believe that one of the reasons VHS videos became so popular, was due to porno. The same thing happened with HD, DVD and Blu-ray. They are doing this now with both virtual reality and augmented reality porn.

As other industries ignored VR and AR, the adult sector embraced it. The sales of headsets used to watch both, have gone up dramatically. It has been the porn industry who many believe is responsible for the boost. People interested in watching porn through AR and VR angles, purchased Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, Meta 2 and the Microsoft Hololens. Still, virtual reality porn is already ahead of AR. In part, that’s because AR is still in its primitive stage. It’s a new technology that hasn’t reached its full potential. Moreover, the headsets used for watching AR porn, are much more expensive than VR headsets. Nonetheless, adult industry experts believe AR is the future of porn. The potential behind it is something they are extremely optimistic about.

Augmented reality is a science many people are still unaware of or have not heard about. The interactive experience of AR, are inserted inside real-world environments. Using perceptual information that is computer generated, the elements are augmented. Unlike virtual reality though, AR goes across several sensory modalities. This includes olfactory, auditory, somatosensory, haptic and of course, visual. You have several well-known apps which are already using AR technology. One of them is the widely popular game Pokémon. Another social media platform called Snapchat also uses AR.

When you are viewing something live, augmented reality digital elements can be added to it. That makes whatever you are looking at, much more immersive. As of now, there is not a lot of AR porn content available. That is all about to change however, as several adult companies have begun creating AR content and apps. One of them is the 3D HoloGirlfriend. The only setback has been how costly the headsets are for mainstream use. The price range of AR headgear is around $3,000. Compare that to $15 to between $800 which is what you will pay for virtual reality headsets. Still, it is only a matter of time before the prices on the AR gear goes down. Also, more affordable versions are in the works.

Some may wonder why would the porn industry bother with AR anyway? Especially since they already have VR porn videos? The answer lies with what AR technology is capable of doing now. And what the porn industry hopes it can do in the future. VR lets a person view the characters as if they are in front of them. AR has the potential of bringing them right where you are. Instead of seeing a sexy woman in a sex scene, you can have her in your room. That is the major difference between AR and VR.

Keep in mind that it was only a few years ago when one adult company introduced VR porn content. Since then, numerous other companies have followed suit. The outcome has been a rise of almost 300% in the VR porn category. Sales have also gone up dramatically with anything that has VR capabilities. That includes sex toys, teledildonic sex dolls, haptic suits and much more. Additionally, VR porn videos amass more than 5 million views a month. Virtual reality adult sites are also ranked higher than regular VR content. In fact, out of the top 50 VR sites, 30 of them are adult oriented.

All of these are reasons why the porn industry is banking so much on augmented reality. AR will be able to bring a virtual reality female, to the room you are in. It’s almost the same concept which Apple ARKit uses behind the IKEA Place app. The app lets people see how virtual furniture will look like in your actual home or office. Already, there are virtual reality 3D HoloGirlfriends available through AR. A person can choose between three of them. The computer-generated female characters look almost as real as an actual human.

Besides the adult industry, other sectors have begun to see the potential behind AR technology. The entertainment, manufacturing and health care industries have started to embrace AR technology. Clearly, they see what video game and adult content makers have already done with AR. More importantly though, they are starting to see beyond that and what it can someday do.

Being at the forefront of something is nothing new for pornography. They have proven what they can do with acronyms such as MILF, BBW and POV. All of them have become mainstream and popular because of porn. Now, they are banking on augmented reality to end being widespread. All the while, changing how people look, feel and interact with pornography. Additionally, altering intimacy, relationships, porno and sex through augmented reality.