If you’re reading this article, you’re probably single and ready to mingle in Manila. But it’s unchartered territory that you have no idea how to approach. Socializing in a foreign country can be challenging, so we’ve written this guide to illustrate some of the common difficulties.

When it comes to dating in Manila, it’s easy to meet singles. Just go to the park nearby or any mall. Filipinos speak great English and are easy to talk to. Just smile a lot and be pleasant.

Now, onto the difficulties which exist for locals and foreigners alike. Even as a foreigner, you might end up dating a coworker or acquaintance’s ex. If you’ve been in the same circle for a while, there will be “coincidences” left and right.

As a foreigner, you might want to be discrete about dating for whatever reason. Sadly, this is not possible in Manila. You can never date secretly. Someone you know is bound to run into you with the girl or guy you’re trying to date discretely. There are eyes everywhere. You might even meet up with a friend’s ex or their current partner.

This next difficulty is more one locals tend to face, but it will begin to apply to you too if you plan on staying in Manila for a while. You’re bound to have a dating blunder, but unlike other places, everyone will remember it here.

In Manila, it’s very hard to meet a person you have absolutely no connections with. You might have met them in the office before. They could be your boss’ sister or your coworker’s niece. You get the drift.
Meeting someone who knows nothing about you at all isn’t likely to happen. On that note, there is no such thing as a blind date in the capital city of the Philippines.

When people break up, everyone finds out immediately because everyone is socially connected in one way or another.

What are the chances of all these things happening if I take my dating efforts online, you wonder. They are just as high because you’ll find coworkers, acquaintances, and friends on popular dating sites. Locals complain about being “matched” with relatives on Tinder.

When you go out, you will run into someone you used to date. Manila is a very small city. If you hook up with someone at a club and have a one night stand, you’ll probably run into them again at another club sometime in the future, and perhaps have another one – unless it was really bad the first time around and you actually remember each other. It happens to people, and not only in Manila.

Difficulties of Dating in Manila

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