Virtual Reality is a technology like nothing else. Using virtual reality headsets such as the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift we can strap ourselves in and experience stunning 3D worlds and be part of the action using motion detection and controllers. Currently, virtual reality technology is predominantly being used to create superb games but it has other uses too. VR technology can be used to tell stories, visualize our world, and even take a look into the deepest darkest oceans. We have listed below 5 top apps that use virtual reality technology that offer something different to the typical VR gaming experience – enjoy!

1. Colossee

Colossee is a magnificent virtual reality app that allows you to become immersed in a beautiful story. The virtual reality technology here is second to none – the story progresses as you move your head and look at different objects. Furthermore, different actions and scenes will take place depending on where you look therefore you will never miss any of the story. This really is a wonderful creation and takes storytelling to a whole new level.

2. Google Earth VR

Since its inception, Google Earth has been a ground-breaking piece of technology so when virtual reality headsets we brought into the mainstream, it only became a matter of time before we had Google Earth VR. This is an experience like quite no other – you can literally fly around the world and visit your favorite landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge and Eiffel Tower. Whilst every city and landscape is not rendered in amazing detail, the experience is truly exhilarating!

3. LittleStar

This might be considered a novel application of virtual reality, but it is still hugely fun! LittleStar is basically like a 3D home cinema that allows you to watch content from streaming platforms you are subscribed too such as Netflix and Hulu. The VR experience is fun as you can move around the cinema area and watch a range of VR ready content aside from your own subscriptions too – this is the next level of home entertainment!

4. Ocean Rift

The oceans of the world are wondrous and immense places packed full of strange and beautiful creatures. Can you imagine taking an ocean safari and swimming through the depths as whales and dolphins glide past you? This is what you can experience in Ocean Rift and it is one of the most engaging educational apps we have ever used!

5. Virtual Desktop

We are sure that many of you have thought about navigating through your desktop in virtual reality? Well, now you can with Virtual Desktop! This cool app allows you to visualize your computer in a totally different way with stunning graphics and awesome motion controls.

There you have it – 5 absolutely awesome apps featuring virtual reality technology. As you can see, virtual reality can truly change the way we interact with our smartphones and headsets and provide us with experiences that we may have never thought possible. Why not give some of these apps a try today and become part of the virtual reality craze that is sweeping the world?

Tops apps for virtual reality

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